ARK LiTHIUM BALANCE’s BMSs have also been used in countless e-scooters, two & three wheelers , Golf Cart These electric vehicles run on 48V NMC batteries, managed by our s-BMS for longevity, performance, safety and run on a 48V battery with 60Ah NMC cells and utilize the s-BMS with great success.

Key Features

  • Support CAN communication, read battery information.
  • Support UART communication, read battery information, online firmware upgrade function
  • Support 4 external temperature collection, have 4pcs temperature line
  • Coulomb electricity calculation, accurate display of electricity, and equipped with power learning function
  • Intelligent dynamic balancing
  • Support record data storage
  • Support on/off switch function(Default don’t have it)
  • Support external expansion of PC tool, Bluetooth or LCD.

5.1 Sleep function?

When the battery is normal and still for 30S, the BMS enters the system to hibernate and reduces the self-consumption. At this time, the charging and discharging MOS is in the open state, and the charging or discharging can be activated to the normal working state. The power consumption after dormancy is less than 300uA. Dormant activation conditions: Current (charging, discharging) and communication activation. Note:

  • In the case of balanced start, do not starts sleep.
  • When on/off switch is disconnected, and the power consumption after dormancy is less than 300uA.

5.2 Over discharge (Deep dormancy)?

When the battery pack is in the overdischarge state and the minimum voltage is less than the overdischarge protection value, BMS will reduce the power consumption to the minimum, BMS will enter the shutdown state, and the power consumption after deep dormancy is less than 10uA, only the charger can be activated (it must be guaranteed that the charger has a voltage).

5.3 Charging instruction?

When the battery pack needs to be charged, the voltage of the charger is recommended to be lower than the single overcharge protection value by 30mV.The voltage of the charger is lower than the overcharge protection value, and the BMS protection will not trigger the overcharge protection. In this way, the energy charged by the battery pack is sufficient. If the voltage of the charger is high and the charging current is still large, the BMS will trigger overcharge protection because the charging voltage reaches the overcharge protection value, which makes the charging energy insufficient.

5.4 UART serial port extension?

The URAT serial port supports external expansion of the bluetooth, PC and LCD.

  • Bluetooth (Real-time display of monitoring battery information via mobile app).
  • LCD display (Real-time display of monitoring battery information).
  • PC software (Real-time display of monitoring battery information).
  • 2G module (Data exchange and positioning function,the data exchange of cloud background server is realized. The background server is tracking and monitoring the actual use of the battery pack in real time, upload and feed back battery information to the back-end server through 2G function. Smart to determine the health of the battery pack, as well as the abnormal state and prompt warning.At the same time,track and locate the geographic location of the battery pack in real time.)

5.5 Communication?

  • The system use CAN isolation communication, communication rate 500Kbps.
  • The system use UART isolation communication, communication rate 9600 baud rate. The firmware can be upgraded online through UART communication.